News from the Communications Department

Lots of new marketing materials available on the communications department website this month. Let us know if you have any other ideas for things that would be useful:

Event & Exhibit Flyer Templates

These flyer templates are available to local units to help promote their upcoming events and exhibits. The templates are available in Word and Powerpoint, so they require no special software. We’ve tried to provide enough options and variations to allow some personalization and tailoring for specific locations and events. If you would like me to conduct any training on how to use these materials, please let us know. We also welcome any feedback and/or requests for variants of these templates.

Group Study Room Sign Templates

With the recent changes in how group study rooms are reserved, we have updated the signage templates with new QR codes. These are now available for libraries that are using the libcal service. If you have group study rooms that don’t use the libcal reservation system or other types of spaces that need signage, let us know. Scroll down on the Signage Templates page to find the new group study room signs.

Materials for Library Liaisons

There is a new section on the communications page for Project Outreach Materials. RASE-WG has provided materials for library liaisons who are doing outreach for the following projects. You can download presentations, flyers, and information sheets:

Community Bulletin Board

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a space where people from the Libraries could post notices for one another if they have an item for sale or are selling Girl Scout Cookies or are playing a local gig with their band?” Yes– this would be great. Introducing the Rutgers University Libraries Bulletin Board. This is an open space where you can post any type of notice you would like to share with your colleagues. Thanks for the suggestion, Dee Magnoni!

This bulletin board is powered by Padlet. If you want to create a post, click on the + sign in the lower right of the bulletin board. You can create a Padlet account for free OR you can post anonymously (in which case, I’d recommend including your name at the bottom of the post so people know who the post is from).

You can access this bulletin board directly at (bookmark it!) or via the sidebar menu on The Agenda.


Jessica Pellien